In a Perfect Healthcare World

What can be done to bring the human touch back to health care?The health care industry has seen some dramatic changes in the past couple decades. With the rise of technology, everything has seemed to gone digital. Health records have gone electronic, a new health app is born every minute, and telemedicine has replaced face-to-face appointments. Then there are all the new healthcare policies and laws that people have to navigate. Trying to get health care insurance was a big fiasco in itself. Meanwhile, workloads for health care providers have increased, causing a great deal of frustration and burnout.As all of this is going on, many people have lost sight of what health care is all about, which is healing people and caring for them. Organizations have become occupied with ways to cut costs, make more money, and expedite interactions with patients.Yes, there are patient advocate groups and people who do remember why they got into the medical field in the first place, it seems as if they’ve been lost in the shuffle. Progress is being made as their voices have become more amplified with the Internet and social media, but at the same time change doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. Because the media wants to focus on the politics and business of healthcare, we oftentimes get sucked into the drama, which is a major distraction.You have to wonder sometimes if change will ever be made.So what would this ideal medical world look like if we could shut out all the noise of politics and the business of healthcare?First, there would be a culture of putting people first above everything else. Healthcare organizations would look out for their employees and ensure their wellbeing at all times. This means all medical professionals’ workloads would be less so they’re not experiencing burnout. Hospital executives would be concerned more with employee morale and patient safety rather than how much money they’re making or saving.As for medical professionals, the threat of being sued for medical malpractice wouldn’t be a thought in their minds because they are so focused on being present with each and every patient. They genuinely care for their patients and develop relationships with them through constant communication. As a result, patients would feel protected and trust their healthcare providers.Lastly, hospitals and medicine would truly contribute to healing people. Hospitals would be warm, inviting, and comfortable places. Processes and procedures would operate smoothly because everyone within the organization doesn’t feel rushed, overworked, or overwhelmed with paperwork. There would be enough staff to take care of patients in a timely manner. People support each other and look out for one another. Everyone has the same vision.What do you think? Can we work together to change the way people view healthcare?

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