What Is Packshot Photography, And Why Is It Important?

What Is Packshot Photography?Within the business world there are various terms mentioned relating to photography, including packshot photography, advertising photography and commercial photography, and often people use these terms interchangeably. However, this is in many cases incorrect, and there is a world of difference between commercial or advertising photography, and packshot photography. To appreciate this it’s important first of all to understand and recognise what we mean by a packshot photograph or image, and then understand the importance and benefit of this type of image.What Is A Packshot Photograph?A packshot is a high definition photograph of a product or package, usually taken within a professional photographic studio, and with a seamless white background that is entirely devoid of distractions. Often this white background is digitally removed, leaving a clean, simple image of the package or product. This could be anything from a ring to a DVD, from a child’s toy to a motorbike.The seamless background is usually achieved by having a gently curved wall, called an infinity curve, which enables the product to be integrated into web pages, brochures, catalogues and flyers easily. Packshot photography provides convenience and versatility, but what’s the real purpose in creating this kind of image?What’s The Point Of Packshot Photography?The primary aim of this type of image is to encourage visual recognition of the product. By conveying clearly and simply what the product looks like, without any distractions, consumers are more likely to be able to recognise the product when they see it on the shelf for sale. There is a clear relationship between product image familiarity, and product sales, particularly incidental sales, casual sales or sales in situations where many competing products may exist.If a consumer has seen a product image showing clearly what the packaging looks like, perhaps as part of a flyer, mail shot, online advertisement or catalogue promotion, they are more likely to have this image in the back of their mind when browsing the shelves at the shops, increasing the likelihood of them catching sight of the real product, which in turn increases the probability of a sale.So the real aim of packshot photography is to increase the conversion rate by increasing brand visibility and brand recognisability. In essence, it’s about psychology and visual memory, and for this reason packshot images are quite different, and have quite different aims, from advertising photography or commercial photography in general.Why Packshot Photography Should Be Treated DifferentlyIncreasingly today businesses of all sizes are under immense pressure to reduce costs, and this has been evident in the world of advertising photography. Images sell, and no one would deny the importance of imagery and photographic advertising in an increasingly competitive commercial environment. But with the ever wider availability of increasingly sophisticated, high quality digital cameras, complete with inexpensive graphic suites capable of a staggering range of manipulation tools, many businesses have been tempted to switch to producing advertising photography in house.In some cases this has worked, although invariably the results lack the imaginative, creative flair which allows an image to stand out from other images, but when it comes to packshot images, there’s simply no substitute for using a professional studio. Packshot photos have to be high quality, crisp, expertly lit, and shot against a background which is perfectly uniform and without any distractions or points of focus.Lighting is one of the hardest aspects of photography, and often the one element which is lacking in those instances where businesses have attempted to carry out their packshot photography in house. Boosting brand visibility is critical, but it’s important to make sure that along with that high visibility is a clear message of accuracy, quality and crisp definition. High visibility which carries messages of amateur approaches to business, a lack of detail or hidden aspects of the product can be as counterproductive as professional packshot photos can be productive.

Organize With Some Home Improvement Tips

Life is so busy and it seems that often times, things kind of pile up on us. We may have a whole to do list that just keeps growing because we don’t make the time to ever do them. Many times we think of big projects to do, but sometimes, it’s the little projects that can give us a jump start. Home improvement tips can be as simple as taking one room at a time and organizing it. You may live in a small or large home, but have accumulated a lot of things with no where to put them. You may have messes all around, and every time you try to find something, or just looking at all your stuff lying around or hidden, can be very upsetting. This article will give some home improvement tips that can not only help you organize, but will add a more comfortable living environment to your home as well.There are a lot of home improvement tips that don’t cost a lot of money. It may just cost a lot of your time, but once you are finished, the results are very satisfying. Let’s start first with all the stuff you have accumulated. What you need to do is take a look around. A home needs to be clean and organized to function properly and if you have a lot of things piled around, you need to ask yourself what you could get rid of, or store. If you haven’t used it for three months, you probably aren’t going to be using it much if ever. Home improvement tips to consider are, try dividing your accumulation into sections. One section can be for garage sale, which by the way can be fun and also bring in some extra money that can be used for another home improvement project. One section can be for the things you just simply can’t part with, and the other section would be called the get rid of pile. You’ll be amazed at how these home improvement tips can actually help you get started to becoming organized.Home improvement tips such as not taking on more than you can handle or finish at one time, can be helpful and victoriously lead you to finish your project. Do one room at a time. Don’t look at the huge project. Take baby steps to get started, as your clutter or accumulation didn’t happen overnight. Why would you think you could de-clutter in minutes?Once you have organized your sections, some home improvement tips such as thinking through what to do with the things you are keeping can be beneficial. You need to place these things on shelves or store in plastic containers. There are so many different plastic tubs to choose from in different sizes and colors, that you can almost match anything. Home improvement tips such as making sure you label on the outside, what is inside the container if it isn’t see through, so at a later date, you will easily be able to find something can help. If your containers are going to be in a room that you have to look at them all the time because your closet wasn’t big enough to store them in, then you need to stack them neatly out of the way. There are some home improvement tips to dress up the look of the containers you may have to look at all the time, such as, decorating the containers with paint and stencils, or adding pictures to the outside of the container so they are pleasant to look at.I guarantee these home improvement tips can help you do some organizing in your home, that will make your home feel less cluttered and more comfortable, and get you started on more home improvement tips, such as building more shelves for storage.

You Can Now Buy Cheap Wholesale Clothing Online

Back in the day, designer clothing was only left to people living in the same country as the manufacturers and people who travelled to the country where the manufacturer was located. Long gone are those days when one could not dress fashionably just because they did not reside in the same country as the makers of these designer clothes. With the internet you can buy clothes been made in any part of the world without travelling to the manufacturers’ physical locations. Many manufacturers and resellers have set up websites where they sell clothing both at retail and wholesale rates.According to many, designer clothes are very expensive and only affordable to a few. The truth is that designer clothes are relatively expensive but this does not mean that they are only affordable to a few. Just like any other product, one can cheaply buy the clothing by buying in bulk. When you buy the clothes in bulk, you will be charged at the wholesale prices. The wholesale price is always lower than the retail price since the seller leaves a profit margin in case you decide to resell the clothing.Cheap wholesale clothing is not only for resellers, it is also for individuals, who want to dress up in a classy way at lower prices per unit of clothing. Instead of buying two units every single week, you can decide to buy twenty or thirty pieces at a go then stay for a few weeks before buying again. By buying in this way, you save since the wholesale rate is relatively lower than the retail price. The best thing about the cheap wholesale clothing is that you can buy clothes for the whole family. You can buy ten units of clothing for yourself, ten for your wife and ten for your child. This is much cheaper than buying one piece per week for all the three family members.You do not have to travel to the manufacturer’s or reseller’s locality to get the cheap wholesale clothing. With the internet, you can shop, make an order and pay for clothing and the clothes will be delivered to your doorstep. To enjoy the cheap wholesale clothing, all you need is a personal computer that has an internet connection. With the internet, coupled with online payment agencies, you are able to shop and make payments for the clothing at the comfort of your living room or office.When buying cheap wholesale clothing online you need to be careful not to fall into the hands of cons. You need to check for how long the seller has existed. You also need to know if the seller has a physical address, where you can find them in case of a problem. When shopping for clothing online, you also need to check the terms of sale of the seller. Since you are buying in bulk, to enjoy the wholesale rate, the terms need to be favorable. Such terms may include things like purchases returns, shipping, and insurance during shipping.