The Best Mutual Funds Vs. Best Investment Strategy for 2014 and Beyond

Millions of Americans own mutual funds and see them as their best investment options. Consider this question: would you rather own the best funds or have the best investment strategy for managing your funds in 2014 and beyond? With history as my guide, I offer an opinion here, as well as a plan you might want to consider.Within a 10-year period (2000 to 2009) investors experienced two bear (down) markets where stocks lost 50% or more of their value while bonds did just fine. Both times stocks recovered, and by 2014 were again at all time highs. Bonds were the best investment options and the funds that invest in them were the best funds in both bear markets. Even the best funds in the diversified stock department left their investors little to cheer about in that 10-year period of time. The best investment strategy since early 2009: be heavily invested in diversified stock funds. Who could have known they would be the best investment options available to average every-day people?The truth is that NO ONE knew this, and in 2014 it would be extremely risky to assume this was still the best investment strategy. The last two major bull (up) markets before this current one (2009 to 2014) were followed by the above bear (down) markets. In each case even the best funds in the diversified stock arena took big losses, and often the best funds in an up stock market are the worst to hold in a down market.The previous bull market lasted about 5 years, and as of early 2014 this last one was 5 years old. Maybe it’s time to start looking for the best investment strategy for three different reasons. First, the bull market in stocks is 5 years old and stocks are not selling cheap. Second, even the best stock funds will be losers in a bad market. Third, with interest rates rising, bond funds are not relatively safe or dependable anymore. For 30 years (until recently) they were the average investor’s best funds and were among the best investment options out there. Problem: if interest rates continue to rise, bond funds will lose money. That’s the way bond funds work.Sometimes the best investment strategy is to be aggressive in stocks, if you have the stomach for it. For most of us with long term goals, the risk that goes with that strategy far outweighs the prospects for higher returns. After all, if you take a 50% loss in a bad market, you then need to earn 100% (double your money) just to cover your losses. In the bond funds area, the vast majority of conservative investors still hold on to the belief that they are the best funds and that the best investment strategy is to just hold on and everything will be just fine.If history tells us anything, it makes two things in the investment world crystal clear. One: you will never find the best investment or the best funds on a consistent basis. And two: the best investment strategy is to never put yourself into a position where you are open to heavy losses that are difficult to overcome. So, it’s time to make a plan and put together the best strategy in case stock funds and/or bond funds stumble in 2014 and beyond.Virtually all mutual fund families offer a safe investment option called a money market fund. Reallocate your portfolio so that you are invested equally in a money market, stock, and bond fund. Then set it up so that an equal amount of money flows from the money market fund to the two others each month. The monthly amount should be such that in two to three years the money market fund will be down to almost nothing. Example: $90,000 portfolio, starting with $30,000 in each fund and $1000 flowing monthly from money market fund… $500 to stock fund and $500 to bond fund. In about 30 months the money market fund will be about depleted.Even if you don’t hold the best funds, this could be the best investment strategy for the middle-of-the-road investor who wants to basically be invested about half in stocks and half in bonds ultimately. You will be less exposed to stocks and bonds over the next couple of years; hence your potential for big losses is diminished in the event the markets turn ugly. If stocks and/or bonds fall you will be picking up more and more shares as fund prices fall. This is called dollar cost averaging and is a time-tested investment strategy. If fund prices don’t fall during this time period you’ll earn a respectable return, with peace of mind, because you lowered your level of risk. At that point consider going through the same process again.Remember that bull markets are always followed by bear markets sooner or later. Bear markets are generally shorter in duration but they can be brutal. Don’t be overly concerned with finding the best funds for 2014 and beyond. Focus on having the best investment strategy. This way you can stay invested without the fear of taking big losses in stocks or bonds if things turn sour.In the best funds vs. the best investment strategy for 2014 and beyond debate, I suggest you focus on strategy. Unfortunately, most investors ignore investment strategy. That’s why most average investors have not done well for the past dozen or so years.

Medical Billing Software for Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Choosing the right psychology medical billing software and psychiatric medical billing software is dependent on locating software that contains functionality pertinent to these kinds of practices. Psychologists and psychiatrists primarily utilize the standard office visitation normally lasting 30 minutes to one hour to diagnose and subsequently prescribe treatment. In many cases the same medical codes are used for each visit. Additionally, it is not unusual for the patient to be seen multiple times per month. Medical software that includes standard “charge sets” is preferable for these kinds of practices. Charge sets are preset codes that allow multiple codes to be input with one preset code eliminating duplicity.For those practices that wish to use scheduling functionality it is preferable that the medical billing software contain a patient scheduler that can be set into 15 minute intervals. The scheduler should also contain functionality to block sections of the calendar for vacation, holidays and standard non-working days to avoid inadvertently scheduling patients on those days. The newer scheduling products contain email and text messaging modules to alert patients of pending appointments reducing missed appointments.Therapy notes are the life blood of psychiatric and psychological practices. Many practices are moving away from handwritten notes to entering the notes directly into the medical claim. Up to date medical practice software allows direct input of therapy notes. For those practices that wish to maintain handwritten notes but would prefer to attach them to the corresponding medical claim the software should allow for an upload of a scanned document to the claim. With the convenience of the notes next to the claim the patient history is easily maintained all in one place.All of the newer psychiatry medical practice software and psychology medical practice software provides for electronic medical claim transmission. It is preferable that all claims that can be transmitted electronically be sent that way. Some medical billing software may charge clearinghouse fees in order to access a medical claim network. Other software vendors that are already linked into a network may waive clearinghouse fees.Patient statement processing is of ultimate importance. In many cases the medical software is a stand-alone product with the practice responsible for processing, stuffing envelopes and mailing statements. So many practices do not have the personnel to manually process patient statements. Consequently it is important to investigate this aspect of the medical software vendor.We have discussed the most important aspects of medical billing software for psychiatrists and psychologists. However, other aspects need to be investigated to make sure the right product is chosen that best suits the practice. First, the delivery of the software must be established. Vendors today deliver the product “in the cloud” over the Internet or require the practice to download the software to the practice computer system. There are significant advantages to cloud based medical practice software in that it can be accessed using a standard Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Most cloud based vendors include data backup eliminating this hassle from the practice that maintains the software on their computers. Second, the cost of the product must be investigated. Prices can vary from free software to thousands of dollars depending on the delivery and the functionality needed. Third, training and support are extremely important issues to resolve. Some vendors may charge ongoing fees for training and support that may amount to thousands of dollars in annual costs. And, fourth, medical practice software updates need to be investigated. Sometimes the cost of an update is more than the original cost of the software and can result in thousands of dollars of annual expenses to be unknowingly borne by the practice.One medical practice software practice that favorably addresses virtually all of the issues discussed in this article is FreeMedicalBilling.Net ( ). FreeMedicalBilling.Net medical practice software is robust and low cost.

Lebanon News and Great Opportunities

Opportunities come your way via several routes. It could be a tip from a friend, something said in discussions, a look at the shops around you, or something you stumbled on online. Newspapers are also prolific sources of business ideas. But if your interest is investing overseas, specifically in the Middle East, find that chance in the daily Lebanon news.Real Estate FindsInvesting overseas is not unusualm but for first-time investors who want value for their hard-earned dollars, this kind of investment is novel. However, scouting for breaks can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to look. Interestingly, Lebanon news classifieds have it all detailed and the best bet is real estate.For your real estate investment, choose from chalets, apartments, industrial offices, land, offices, studio rooms, clinics, showrooms, retail, and villas. You also have the option to go for a share certificate. You can also advertise your real properties for sale in the online classifieds for a minimal fee.If you’re deciding on a career move, the drop-down menu has an interesting list of available jobs from accounting to travel/tourism. Like the real estate and auto markets, you can choose your desired region and city for a new job. That’s how you get the break.JobsWhether you are in Egypt or in another part of the globe, you can always get a job to match your expertise in Lebanon. If no match is found, click the “Notify Me” tab. Those new to the site are required to register. Don’t fret, though, because registration is free on Lebanon news sites.For the adventurous, landing a job in Lebanon, whether in the picturesque valleys or commercial districts, gives you the chance to take in the scenic vistas, experience new culture, gain new friends, and learn new things that can benefit your career.It is true that the political situation is unstable as posted in Lebanon news online. However, the presence of multinational corporations and the building of new infrastructure mitigate the situation. You could always choose a place farthest away from areas of conflict. Yet it is always best to consult with the embassy for your safety.Import and ExportLebanon offers top notch homegrown products. Wine, precious stones, pearls, electronic, and electric equipments. At present, the top importers are Switzerland, Syria, and Iraq. Also worth your investment are exotic food, fabrics, rugs, and jewelry. In the chat forums, you can find like-minded business persons who can supply your needs.A thorough study is in order before you strike up a business partnership, though. Some background research on companies can assure of you of legitimate deals and a review of the country’s existing policies on the import business and taxes should give you the information before you make a deal.Other OpportunitiesBusiness people who have a keen eye for spotting business opportunities can find these in Lebanon news. They can analyze situations and events and evaluate the global market trends. Being updated with World News can give you more ideas to start a business anywhere in the world.But aside from money-making ventures, there are opportunities to be had in the Middle East. There’s the chance to find affordable hotels, beach, and skiing resorts if you’re inclined to see this part of the world. It’s just a matter of time before you find the opportunity you’re looking for.